Victory matters...

Monday, October 16, 2006

Trivius Cracked !!!

We have a Winner !!
Trivius has finally been cracked.......after 10 days of intense puzzle cracking !!

And the Winner is ......VAIBHAV DEVNATHAN from IIT Bombay !!
Congratulations Vaibhav for being the first person to crack Trivius.....your prize will reach you shortly !!

Other quizzers don't give up.....who knows we might have another prize in the offing :)

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Level 18 Hint

Translocate and do take help of all those long hours spent on yahoo and AIM chatting.....those emotions you felt ........

Level 17 Hint

Need not say was a famous summer !! and still is :)

Trivius Status

Hi all,

Sorry for posting late.....was out of campus :(
Trivius is very close to being cracked.....the leaders have 1-2 levels to crack . But rest others still have a chance. As they say, it ain't over till somebody hasn't won !!

For a faster response to your queries , you may mail me directly at . Please mail me ONLY if you have queries for levels 21 and onwards. Please do provide the link of the level in the mail. Else the mail will not be entertained . I will do my best to give more clues without actually giving out the answers :) .

All the best to all . BTW, Trivius has completed 10 days without being cracked !!

Level 16 Hints !!

Think of military alliances,
How will they think "Apple " in their language,
you may look for inverted clues,
as also for lateral clues !!

Level 15 Hint !!

This one is too easy ........You can just Rifle it .......the sum is always 11 :)

Friday, October 13, 2006

Level 14 Hint

An element of a hint,
taken with a beer pint,
what has your country given you,
other than the basic life of you !!

Level 13 Hint

A Scott Smiled and someone ran the golden mile ,
Roger That !!

Its a simple level :)

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Attention guys !

Those having reached levels 20 or beyond may contact for hints .

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Level 12 Hint

With the Bowler on a song,
umpire thinks hard and long,
while the sax gives a tweet sound,
who is not against the not noun ?

Level 11 Hint

Here comes the man who battles giant creatures, sleeps with the President's murderer, goes to where no one could see him, has the highest rated gun and not able to score in this exam. Who is he ?

Day 5 leaders

Sorry for posting late :) !! here are the day 5 leaders.....

1. Ritesh Devani, IIT Bombay, Level 21
2. Kamudi Mahajan, MICA, Level 21
3. Jayadevan A, MICA, Level 20

Come on Junta, less than 10 levels for cracking Trivius....get Triviusing

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Day 4 Leaders !!

The race is heating up !! The destination not very far !! Way to go quizzers , you are only some distance away from being the first person to crack Trivius .

According to mails received by us, Following are today's leaders :

1. Ritesh Devani, IIT Bombay, Level 20
2. L. Gomathy, MICA, Level 20
3. Arthi, MICA, Level 19
4. Jayadevan A, MICA, Level 18
5. Kaumudi Mahajan, MICA, Level 18

Seems like the MICAns are really cracking it !! Rest of the Junta, come on, give them a tough competition :)

Level 10 Hint

No Poem for this one, just simple clues !!
A British Prime Minister and a Universal Translator have much in common !!

Level 9 Hint

This one is too simple, so we'll just keep Maun,
After all, Hum Aapke hain Kaun ?

Monday, October 09, 2006

Day 3 Leaders !!

Here We go

1. Ritesh Devani, IIT Bombay , Level 18
2. Jayadevan A, MICA, Level 14
3. Kamudi Mahajan, MICA, Level 13

I request Junta to mail us with their details (if you think you deserve a mention in the daily leaders list ) . Only then we can put up the details :).

ATB for remaining stages.

Level 8 Hint

Would you like to do a dance,
for that matter, a scary dance,
Where you are in a closed room,
With only the red hat and the moon !!

Level 7 Hint

Did you make the kill,
Over a simple dollar bill,
Because when in rupees,
a Pai is a big cheez !!